Your next destination is Sunnyhurst Winery, hop in your car and head on over for your final ingredient and QR-coded clue to your picnic destinations!

Don’t forget to check out these points of interest along the way.

Distance to next destination: 3.7 kms

Points of Interest Along the Way

We’re guiding you with a map this time to highlight the beautiful heritage homes that are dotted along your route.

Moyola is a large and well-designed Inter-War house built in 1930 and set in stunning gardens. It was the home of Gerald Randell, who built and maintained the power supply to the Bridgetown community from 1924-1950 and at one time was a doctor’s house and surgery. The “domestic servant call bell” remains functioning in the house to this day. Whilst Moyola operated as a guest house in recent years it is now a private residence.

May Cottage has great historic value, built in 1880 as the homestead of the pioneering May family. It is a perfect example of split timber construction and has been beautifully maintained throughout it’s long history.

Your destination is also an historic house. A glorious 120-year-old federation brick building, the house is set high on a hill with a magnificent view over the north-facing vineyard to the Mattamattup Valley and, to the West, over the Blackwood River Valley. The homestead was once, during war time, headquarters for the Red Cross and still to this day is graced by stunning gardens and a magnificent old oak tree. Ask if you can take a walk around the garden while you’re there.