Welcome to your Secret Picnic 😊

You’re about to enjoy a fun game, a lovely sightseeing adventure and a delicious local gourmet experience all in one!
The total walking distance of this picnic is approx. 2km to get you back to your car. The driving distance is then a further 6.6km

There are 7 stops along the way and you will be given a QR-coded clue at each stop. Pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code to access your clue which will lead you to the next destination for a tasty picnic ingredient and another clue.

Hint: Scroll down to the bottom of the QR-coded clue pages for hints if you’re really stuck with the clues!

Your 1st clue:


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#1. What are two of the things Collie is well known for?


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Hint They have a great art trail that finishes with the biggest ___ ____ _____ in the world.

Only open if you're really stumped!

Answer: Coal power and a mural on the dam wall