Now make your way to Barn Zee’s to pick up your next ingredient and QR-coded clue!

Don’t forget to check out these Fun Facts & Things to Do.

Distance to next destination: 


If you’re driving, follow Google Maps approx 650m.

If you’re walking follow these instructions: Cross the road and go to the right of McDonalds. There you will see a ramp that will take you across the railway line. When you come off the ramp look to the left and there is your next location!
Approx 350m.

Fun Facts & Things to Do

Other attractions that make Collie a great place to visit are the many trail and adventure offerings!
Here are some links to a number of organisations in the area that can help enhance your enjoyment of the natural attractions on offer.

Collie Traaverse

Collie Trails Retreat

Spring is a great time to visit for colourful wildflowers and to see the river flowing. There are lots of native animals here and you might be lucky enough to see chuditch, quenda, quokka, brushtail possum and woylie.
You can book your campsite at one of the campgrounds to stay a little longer or just enjoy some beautiful day trips.

Take a break from your picnic adventure for a few minutes and check out this video if you like to see some of the great adventures available: