Make your way to Donnybrook Butchers to pick up your next ingredient and QR-coded clue!

Did you know that this place has won many awards for its outstanding meats and pies? If you’re self-catering you could buy something special here for one of your meals during your stay.

Don’t forget to check out these Fun Facts & Things to Do.

Distance to next destination: 700 metres

Fun Facts & Things to Do

Donnybrook has one of the prettiest riverside walks in the area and it starts right in town. It’s an easy,
peaceful path running alongside the Preston River for some 1.8km.

It traverses through a lush river ecosystem encompassing a suspension bridge, weir crossing and incorporates the Preston River Indigenous Walk Trail and the Waugyl Sculpture Park. As you walk along the trail tread softly and see how many different birds and animals you can see.

The Donnybrook Indigenous Sculpture Park (also known as the Waugyl Sculpture Park) is an opportunity to learn about the history and customs of the local indigenous people. It is a combination of clear, informative signage and images which evoke the traditions of the Noongar.

There are a total of 21 places of interest:
1. The symbol of the hand
2. A site map
3. The Gnangangarich Waugyl story
4. Wuagyl’s promise
5. Food and shelter – two food plants
6-11. The story of the river
12-17. The Six Seasons
18. The campsite symbol
19. The emu and the bush turkey
20. Plant information
21. Two emu stories and Kower’s gift
come in the sky, like the scales on the waugyl’s belly. The waugyl has not forgotten his people – the rain will soon come.”

If you have the time during your stay, this walk and the incorporated sculptures are well worth the experience.