Welcome to your Secret Picnic 😊

You’re about to enjoy a fun game, a lovely sightseeing adventure and a delicious local gourmet experience all in one!

THERE ARE 7 STOPS ALONG THE WAY AND YOU’LL BE GIVEN A QR-CODED CLUE AT EACH STOP. Pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code to access your clue which will lead you to the next destination for a tasty picnic item and another clue.

Hint: Scroll down to the bottom of the QR-coded clue pages for hints if you’re really stuck with the clues!

Your 1st clue:

Do a Google search for:

-33.573538808454565, 115.82473483934976

Then tap on the maps and see where you need to go!



Well done, you figured it out! Click on the link below to continue-

Click here to view the points of interest along the way

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#1. Where do the coordinates lead you?


Having some trouble and need a hint??


Having trouble with the coordinates? Try the address instead:
78 S Western Hwy, Donnybrook WA 6239, Australia

Only open if you're really stumped!


Cafe Tiffanys

Copy and paste the answer into the quiz to get your points of interest along the way!