Group Secret Picnics


For a fun group adventure that combines exploration, excitement, and team bonding, Secret Picnic Adventures is the perfect choice!

Whether you’re planning a work event or a fun outing with friends, these adventures cater to all age groups. With team games, challenges, delicious food, and prizes for winners, these group activities offer a unique and memorable experience. Ideal for birthdays, hen’s parties, and family get-togethers, Secret Picnic Adventures ensures a fantastic time for all on any special occasion.

Bookings are available for 10-20 people and a $60 booking fee applies for the extra fun activities.

How do I book a Secret Picnic for my group?

It’s easy! Simply use the dropdown menu below to pick your picnic location. Click ‘Book Now’ on the picnic of your choice and on the booking page select the number of people in your group (must be between 10-20.) Next to ‘Group’ select 1, this adds the $60 booking fee for the extra fun activities part of the picnic.

If you have any questions about Group Picnics simply get in touch via our contact page.

Book Your Experience

Choose a date and time and complete your booking on this page. Be sure to check any dietary requirements before completing your online booking.

Receive Your Clues

We'll email you details of your starting point. When you arrive you'll receive your first clue and your take-home picnic basket.

Explore the Region

Solve each clue to be guided around the area, discovering hidden gems as you collect local artisan ingredients. Expect to collect drinks, and savoury and sweet items along the way and learn interesting local facts and tourist information as you go.

Enjoy Your Picnic!

Reach your final pick-up point and select from a choice of locations to enjoy your delicious picnic spread, showcasing gourmet produce from our local providers.

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What to expect on your secret picnic adventure.

How do secret picnics work?

A Secret Picnic Adventure is a fun game, an informative sightseeing experience and a gourmet picnic all in one! Once you’ve booked online you collect your cute little insulated basket from your starting location. Solve your first digital clue to determine your next pickup point and you’re on your way. Work out the subsequent fun clues to fill your basket over a selection of local outlets with entertaining tourist information available as you go from point to point.

Once you have all your delicious picnic ingredients you are directed to your secret location to enjoy your delicious local treats at your leisure.

Tasty, local gourmet items, a get to know adventure in your holiday destination – or your home town - a chance to meet regional food producers and country store owners and you get to take home your sweet little basket at the end of the day.

How long does a picnic take?

Picnics take anywhere from 1.5 hrs to a whole day! Estimations will be on each individual booking page. We recommend starting at 10.30 or 11am to give plenty of time for all the exploring before you have your lunch.

What is required to complete the picnic?

You will need a smartphone and a sense of fun. Also, picnics require a car for some or all of the adventure  due to distances between clues.

Where does the experience start?

All picnics start at the Visitor's Centre of your selected town.

Can I bring a dog on my picnic?

Some of our routes may be suitable for furry friends, but not all. Look for the furry friend symbol on the booking page. Of course, your fur baby will need to wait for you outside when you enter to collect your ingredients. 

Can I start the picnic whenever I like?

We suggest starting at 10.30am or 11am as you will be hungry by the time you pick up all your food. 

Look for the recommended starting time on the booking page of your preferred picnic. Please stick as closely as you can to this time - this will ensure you have plenty of time to do your experience before shops shut and so the small businesses we work with don't get too busy at any given time.

Do I need to pay for my baby or toddler to be included in the picnic?

Babies and toddlers are free. We have no child rate but we're happy for 2 children to share one adult portion. Mums and Dads know their children's appetites best - we'll let you decide.

Can I reschedule/cancel if it's raining or something comes up?

We have a 2 business day policy for any changes or cancellations. We recommend keeping an eye on the weather the week of your picnic!

We've had lots of people enjoy winter picnics. Bring an umbrella and enjoy the crisp down south air.


Do you cater to large groups & functions?

Yes! We have Group Booking options for parties of 10-20 people with an added experience of fun activities for the group to do as they make their way through the secret picnic experience. Read more about Group Bookings on the Group Bookings page.

Do you cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Vegan picnics are available in Bridgetown only. Vegetarian picnics are available in all locations.

When will coming soon picnics be available?

We are working on many new experiences - let us know which route you are interested in and we may have insight into when you can expect it to go live!