Off to Hound & Hunter! (Located inside WA Truffle Collective.) 
Head on back to your car now (450m) to start the driving component of the picnic. 3 stops to go before you have all your ingredients!

Don’t forget to check out these Fun Facts & Things to Do.

Distance to next destination: 1.1 kms

Fun Facts & Things to Do

Manjimup has an active events calendar each year. Two of the main ones to remember are:

The Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival is a unique event that celebrates the diversity of people and produce of the Southern Forest and Valleys region, held in December every year.

In June the town comes alive with the roar of dirt bikes for the Manjimup 15000 Motocross.
One of Australia’s most prestigious international outdoor motocross events on the renowned Cosy Creek circuit. This is still the largest Motocross event on the Australian calendar featuring International, National and local riders all competing for a prize pool of $22,000 on the most iconic motocross track in the country.
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