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Fun Facts & Things to Do

The Four Aces are four perfectly aligned karri trees that stand proudly in a line, imposingly within the Karri Forest, 20 minutes from Manjimup.
This is the perfect place to enjoy the sights and sounds of the karri forest. Sit quietly and you may be lucky enough to see some of the forest inhabitants such as a splendid fairy-wren, scarlet robin or maybe even a quokka. If the karri is in blossom, you will be able to hear the shrieking of the purple-crowned lorikeets as they search for the sweetest nectar in the tree tops. You can
wander through the karri forest on one of two walk trails.

One Tree Bridge
The scenic area around One Tree Bridge has been proposed as a future conservation park. Get in quick while it’s nice and quiet! Here the Donnelly River flows through some stunning karri forest. Explore the area on one of the walking trails or cast your fishing line into the Donnelly. It’s a nice place to fish. There are many shady trees to plant yourself under and enjoy a picnic. What’s more calming than the sights and sounds of the woodland?
While you’re in the area, you will see the historic remains of the original One Tree Bridge which was made from a single karri tree that once spanned the Donnelly River.

Photograph Bronwyn Wells