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Fun Facts & Things to Do

The Shire of Nannup was founded in 1834. It covers an area of 2,953 square km and embraces the town and localities of Nannup, Donnelly River, Biddelia, Carlotta, Cundinup, Scott River, Lake Jasper, Darradup and Barrabup.

The name Nannup comes from the Noongar people and interprets as “the stopping place”. To this day it’s a favourite stopping place for many tourists and the biking community. It’s the halfway point on the Munda Biddi Trail and it’s establishing itself as the premier South West town for bike trails and biking adventures.

Nannup has been a leader in the digital tourism experience, creating a virtual Visitor’s Centre several years ago with it’s Experience Nannup app. Download this incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly app here: