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Fun Facts & Things to Do

The Thylacine is a mysterious and rare creature which is well documented with many witness stories, indigenous artworks, cave specimens and legends.

The thylacine — better known as the Tasmanian tiger — was a carnivorous marsupial which once roamed the entirety of Australia. It died out on the mainland thousands of years ago, and the last one left in Tasmania perished in a Hobart zoo in 1936. “Tassie tigers” were declared extinct in the 1980s.

But deep in the Karri forest, the legend of the creature is alive and well. Tales of giant paw tracks and unidentified animals that move unlike any other creature have circulated the town of Nannup for decades and the animal has been dubbed the Nannup Tiger.
All around town you can see references to their beloved tiger, you can buy souvenirs and have your photo taken alongside a tiger sculpture.
Australian blues icon Matt Taylor even wrote a song about the beloved story, written while he was living in the region with his band Western Flyer in the 1970s. “She doesn’t mind if you don’t believe in her — she don’t believe in human beings either. The Nannup Tiger’s a flash in the bush running by.”

Local councillor Ian Gibb championed the “stripes in the forest” project, which saw life-sized thylacine models dotted throughout the dense Nannup bush.
If you’re taking a bush walk during your stay, keep an eye out. You may just spot a live one!