Now head on over to Nannup Brewing Co. and pick up your next ingredient and next QR-coded clue!

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Distance to destination: 250 metres

Fun Facts & Things to Do

Nannup is becoming known as one of the most exciting locations for mountain biking in the South West. It offers unique and attractive topography, with varied terrain suited to challenging and stimulating any mountain bike rider.

The Nannup Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park is the newest trail addition located 2 kilometres east of Nannup town which opened in March 2022. The trails provide a rough, raw and rocky experience for mountain bike enthusiasts.

The extensive network includes 35km of track and is designed to maximise Nannup’s natural elevation and make the most of its picturesque landscape, including forests of tall trees. The trails suit a range of abilities from beginners to more adventurous and experienced mountain bike riders.

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