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Fun Facts & Things to Do

The town of Pemberton was named after Pemberton Walcott who was the first European settler there, arriving in the area in 1862. He was a botanical collector who went on to hold various Government posts including that of Inspector of Pearl Fisheries at Broome.

The town was officially founded in 1912. The region was originally occupied by the Pibelmun – Wadandi, a tribe of Noongar Australian Aborigines who knew the area as Wandergarup, which in their language meant plenty of water. There have been significant aboriginal sites located, and protected, in the region including lizard traps, fish traps and remains of campfires.

There is a vibrant history and heritage group in Pemberton and you may have noticed when you collected your basket at the Visitor’s Centre there’s a terrific Pioneer Museum housed in that building.

On display are many fine examples of the early settlers’ equipment, clothing, utensils and memorabilia of yesteryear and is situated inside the original school house from this period.

Take some time during your stay to check out this step back in time.