Hooray, You’ve solved your clue!

Now head on into Grumpy’s for your next ingredient and clue QR code.

Don’t forget to check out these Fun Facts & Things to Do along the way.

Fun Facts & Things to Do

If you’re travelling with restless kids (or adults with a sweet tooth), a stop at the Pemberton Lavender & Berry Farm is a must. Serving up berry pancakes, nine flavours of homemade ice cream, scones, tea and coffee, the farm is set on a picturesque property decked out with picnic tables and a kids’ playground.

The farm gift shop is a highlight, fully stocked with lavender-scented candles and berry jams. There are also a few cute farm animals to interact with, including alpacas (which can be hand-fed during your visit), ducks and sheep. The farm is open 9:30am to 4pm, Thursday to Sunday.

You can also book a stay in one of their stunning chalets.