Your final clue!

Go outside and turn to your right
For this clue, you don’t need to be bright.
See the wall with green bits on it
That’s the spot, yay, you did it!



Well done, you’ve solved your final clue!
Now scan that QR code to get your picnic destinations! There a few beautiful spots for you to choose from.


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#1. Where did you find your clue?


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Hint: If you have walked more than 20 steps from the front door you have missed it

Only open if you're really stumped!

The answer to this clue is “its on this building”

Look for a QR code on the outside wall of Source Kitchen, that will show you your picnic locations.

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If you get lost or require some assistance, you can call or text Trudy on 0428 787 611 or Jenny on 0438 818 848